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Database Systems and Relational Databases

formación Database Systems and Relational Databases

Descripción: Curso Database Systems and Relational Databases

Formación en Database Fundamentals

A database is used by organizations to store their data, and allow their employees to access, update, and manage it. Organizations use a Database Management System, also known as a DBMS to control, store, organization and retrieve that data for the users through end-user applications. There are multiple types of database, such as flat-file, network, and hierarchical. The most widely used database is the relational database, which is based on a mathematical theory. A relational database stores data in relations, which are tables, that store data in rows or tuples and columns or attributes. The relational database is based on the relational model and consists of a relational schema which contains the database objects. This course discusses what database and DBMSs are, the different database models and the database architectures. It also discusses what relational databases are, its components, and how relational databases were identified by Dr. Edgar Codd, including the 12 rules that were identified that a database should adhere to be considered relational.

Formación SkillSoft



People who want to get a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of databases.
  • Código: df_dbfn_a01_it_enus
  • Metodología: SPVC
  • Duración: 120 Horas
  • Habilidades: Database Fundamentals
  • Áreas: Database Fundamentals
  • Precio:Consultar

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