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Managing Big Data Operations

formación Managing Big Data Operations

Descripción: Curso Managing Big Data Operations

Formación en Big Data Operations

This course covers the types of challenges being faced day to day by rethinking data systems from the ground up. This course also covers in-depth topics such as monitoring tools, orchestrations, and performance modeling.

Formación SkillSoft



Project managers, Business Intelligence or ETL developers, data architects, data analysts and big data enthusiasts interested in a higher comprehension of big data; some knowledge of big data or data science, data warehouse, ETL, or any of the applications/software used in the industry today would be ideal
  • Código: df_bdop_a01_it_enus
  • Metodología: SPVC
  • Duración: 44 Horas
  • Habilidades: Big Data Operations
  • Áreas: Big Data Operations
  • Precio:Consultar

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