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iOS Security and Privacy Train the Trainer Event

formación iOS Security and Privacy Train the Trainer Event

Descripción: Curso iOS Security and Privacy Train the Trainer Event

Formación en Apple Training and Certification

This intensive, two-day train-the-trainer (T3) course prepares training professionals to deliver Apple's iOS 201 course. The course combines lectures with hands-on exercises that reinforce practical skills, peer and instructor feedback, and group discussion. Successful completion of the T3 course is a requirement necessary to become an ACT for iOS Security. To full-fill this requirement, candidates must demonstrate presentation skills, training abilities, and an understanding of the course content, as well as contribute to class discussions and peer reviews.

Formación Apple



Day 1:
  • Build out the classroom environment for iOS Security and Privacy Workshop
  • Trainer delivery of teach back lessons
Day 2
  • Full day of trainer delivery of teach back lessons
  • Prospective Apple Certified Trainers who would like to be considered to teach iOS Security and Privacy workshop
Participants must meet the following prerequisites to register for the T3 course:
  • Have been accepted into the ACT program
  • Must be a ACSP 10.11 trainer
  • Must be a iOS Deployment Essentials trainer
  • Complete the iOS Technical Training quiz on SEED with a passing score
  • Must show enrollment in DEP and VPP
Review the following materials:
  • iOS Technical Training
  • iOS Deployment Overview for Enterprise
  • iOS Deployment Reference
  • Profile Manager
Participants will:
  • Learn about the classroom requirements and configuration
  • Deliver assigned sections of the course
  • Present on additional topics as defined by the instructor
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Learn about the Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) program
  • Learn how to deliver Apple's IT training curriculum

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