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Logic Pro X 10.3 Professional Music Production Train the Trainer Event

formación Logic Pro X 10.3 Professional Music Production Train the Trainer Event

Descripción: Curso Logic Pro X 10.3 Professional Music Production Train the Trainer Event

Formación en Apple Training and Certification

The Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) program ensures that Apple's certification curriculum trainers have the instructional skills and technical proficiency to deliver training to Apple customers. After you complete your class presentations and pass the ACT exam, you'll be authorized to teach Apple Authorized classes. This T3 helps you earn the ACT Logic Pro 10.3 certification. If you don't pass the T3, you'll receive detailed feedback to guide your next steps. The T3 includes:
  • Presentations
  • Peer and instructor feedback
  • Guided discussion
  • Expert instruction from an Apple Training Mentor
  • Q&A
  • Trainer Exam

Formación Apple



Day 1
  • Course overview
  • Presentation assignments and homework:
  • Part 1: Make Music with Logic Now!
  • Part 2: Recording Audio
  • Additional chapter assignments given
Day 2
  • Review parts 1 and 2
  • Presentation assignments and homework:
  • Part 3: Editing Audio
  • Part 4: Produce a Virtual Drum Track
Day 3
  • Review parts 3 and 4
  • Presentation assignments and homework:
  • Part 5: Recording MIDI and Using Controllers
  • Part 6: Creating and Editing MIDI
  • Part 7: Editing Pitch and Time
Day 4
  • Review parts 5?7
  • Presentation assignments:
  • Part 8: Editing an Arrangement
  • Part 9: Mixing
  • Part 10: Automating the Mix
  • Pearson testing configuration review: Students prepare to take and administer exams. The trainer exam may be administered.
  • Evaluations and wrap-up
  • Prospective Apple Certified Trainers who would like to be considered to teach Logic Pro 10.3 instruction.
  • Successful completion of APL-CP102-030 Logic Pro X
  • Successful completion of the associated certification
After successful completion of the T3, the instructor will be able to:
  • Present all course topics per mentor and facilitator information
  • Address student questions
  • Follow course process, classroom requirements and configuration
  • Adapt to student needs
  • Lead and guide discussion
  • Promote and establish a class environment conducive to learning
  • Provide performance based student feedback
  • Demonstrate achievement of course objectives

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