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Making Content Dynamic with DHTML

formación Making Content Dynamic with DHTML

Descripción: Curso Making Content Dynamic with DHTML

Formación en DHTML Basics

To describe how to make content dynamic using DHTML

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Making Content Dynamic with DHTML

  • identify the role of the Document Object Model in DHTML, use the DOM architecture to represent elements of a web page, and list techniques for cross-browser DOM support.
  • identify how events and event handlers work and list the major differences between how different browsers handle events.
  • create a basic JavaScript script in a DHTML page.
  • use basic JavaScript elements in DHTML documents.
  • use basic JavaScript to add simple dynamic functionality to a web page.
  • write basic dynamic content using JavaScript functionality.
  • write code to manipulate loaded content in response to a specific user action.
  • write code to dynamically manipulate element positioning using DHTML.
  • make a static web page more dynamic by combining all of the DHTML technologies - HTML, JavaScript, DOM, and CSS.

Web professionals and developers who want to create dynamic web sites using Dynamic HTML technologies
A knowledge of HTML; a basic knowledge of a scripting language, preferably JavaScript
  • Código: 109372_eng
  • Metodología: SPVC
  • Duración: 180 Horas
  • Habilidades: DHTML Basics
  • Áreas: DHTML Basics
  • Precio:Consultar

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